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Australian Equestrian Competitions

The ultimate app for the organised riderHeading 4

I’m a planner queen from way back

I have this innate, overwhelming desire to be organised and have my plans, well…. planned. I’m working on relaxing, though, this does work exceptionalll y well for my day job, where I deliver technology projects successfully for national and international companies.

Enter the world of equestrian

If you’re here, you already know what’s involved in owning a horse. You are probably well familiar with organising your show season too. The kinds of organisation it takes to get a horse from the paddock into the ring is underestimated by mere mortals.
It’s not for the faint hearted.
It takes work.

It takes superhero planning.

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Introducing, the AEC mobile app

Like you, my obsession with horses runs deep.

Trying to organise my competition schedule was becoming a nightmare. I had a young horse that I just needed to get out. Somewhere! Anywhere! Just an outing! Why so hard!

I was spending hours trying to find accurate information. Bouncing between so many different websites – I’d find web links that didn’t go anywhere, competition programs that weren’t available or my personal favourite.. programs uploaded as inidividual photos that I needed a dual computer monitors to make sense of.

My problem solver decided it was time to step up and do something about this massive gap in the community. My inner nerd rejoiced. My planner queen cried with relief.

Australia is now leading the way with an app of this kind (go us!).

Because I’m an overachiever, I’ve partnered with some global experience to build out a national database. A central place to view event results, instantly. To view a horse’s full competition history. To find appropriatley qualified Judges. To submit horse health declaration forms electroncially.
A central utopia.
Imagine it

Welcome to Australian Equestrian Competitions